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The GXA Edge


GXA  recognizes that all Athletes offers something different to make the team stronger and more successful. We want to bring forth your Athletes strongest quallities while making them a well rounded member to the GXA CHEER Program.
Our programs are designed and setup to train all ability levels in each of our classes. GXA strives to help your Athlete build their Cheerleading & Tumbling abilities while not feeling excluded from friends because of skill level.
GXA Tumbling promotes each Athlete to work for prefection in basics before progression to higher skills. We strive to push each Athlete to be ....
Simply The Best 

GXA AllStars News

Junior 1  WINS Junior Level 1 Division at US FINALS.... Goes On to represent the Junior 1 division for the Challenge Cup for US FINALS Virigina Beach
G*X*A..... OH YEAH!!! 

Senior Coed 3  "Firebirds"

Junior 1  "GTO JUDGES"

Junior 1 "GTO JUDGES"

Senior Coed 3, National Champions!!! Nfinity Champions League / Cheer Nationals at Opryland.  Nashville, TN.  PAID BID to Orlando, FL The All Out Nationals.  Junior 1 takes 2nd in their division with an Amazing performance.   G*X*A.........OH YEAH!!!
Junior 1 took 1st & Grand Champs at Platinum Nationals.  Also receving and GOLD BID (Paid) to US FINALS with the highest score of the day...................  G*X*A.....OH YEAH!!!
2nd Event of the Season Junior 1 Nationals Champions & Grand Champions at 2017 Victory Athletic Spirit!!!  Also received 2 PAID BIDS to THE ONE CHAMPIONSHIP & EMEARLD CLASSIC, Senior Coed 3 receiving 2nd in there division.........G*X*A......OH YEAH!!!

Junior 1 "GTO JUDGES"

Senior Coed 3 "Firebirds"

Junior 1 "GTO JUDGES"

Junior 1  National & Grand Champion at UCF CHEER, Senior Coed 3 receiving 2nd in their division at UCF ...........G*X*A.....OH YEAH!!!

2017  Junior 1 Came in 2nd out of 11 Teams at UCA International AllStar Championship Receving 0 Deduction both days as well as a bid to US FINALS...............G*X*A.......OH YEAH!!!
2017 Senior Coed 3 National Champions!!! at  Platinum Nationals, Epic Brands...........
G*X*A.......OH YEAH!!!